Some Features of Arabic Postfolklore in online communication

  • Alina Oleksandrivna Kucherenko


Postfolklore contains important information about human emotions. It can be used to express routine excitement, contentment, frustration and/or anger, as well as other emotional responses catalyzed by an individual’s psychological state, social or political disposition. Arabic postfolklore is an important area of study as it offers insights to innovative lexical units, vernacular expressions, syntax of oral speech (even if Modern Standard Arabic is used), nonverbal communication means, as well as other communicative facets unique to Arabic tradition, etc.

In this paper, we examine peculiarities of Arabic postfolklore with special attention to the creative elements presented in communication. These peculiarities are found in specific linguistic and extralinguistic features of Arabic postfolklore, and are reinforced in everyday communication. Having analyzed contemporary folkloric studies from various domains, such as ethnography, linguistics, and communicative studies, research provided herein will outline a nexus between these aforementioned disciplines with Arabic postfolklore observed particularly on the Web. While considering text and creolized text as principal forms of postfolklore in online communication, we offer a classification of popular Arabic postfolklore texts according to thematic criteria. In our analysis, we give particular attention to Internet-memes, quotes, jokes, and urban legends.

14. 07. 2017.
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OLEKSANDRIVNA KUCHERENKO, Alina. Some Features of Arabic Postfolklore in online communication. Komunikacija i kultura <em>online</em>, [S.l.], v. 7, n. 7, p. 1-21, јул 2017. ISSN 2217-4257. Dostupno na: <>. Datum pristupa: 22 феб. 2024 doi:
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